Teaching is at the forefront of my academic work, and it is strengthened by ties to both my research and my service. As a researcher, I have studied the variation in College Algebra instruction and Mathematics Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) development as teachers. As service to the university, I have organized and contributed to New GTA Orientation each fall for the past three years. Further, as a teaching assistant, I collaborated with a team of instructors to support their restructuring of College Algebra. These experiences have provided me with knowledge about evidence-based teaching practices and opportunities to enact those practices in the classroom.

Below is a summary of the information in my Teaching Portfolio, accompanied by additional media and links to individual documents.

I believe that mathematics is a skill that can be developed and that people are not inherently good or bad at math. Students come to the classroom accompanied by their personal identities and experiences, and these contexts and histories are the foundation for their construction of knowledge. I believe I can help my students build more than just mathematical knowledge: learning mathematics offers an opportunity to build skills for personal growth (like resilience and knowing when to seek out help) and for being a better learner (like how to study effectively using interleaving and retrieval practice). 

These beliefs inform my core teaching objectives:

  • I encourage students to face concepts that are difficult or intimidating to them, providing motivation and helping students embrace the struggle.

  • I demonstrate effective problem-solving skills and explore ways that mathematical knowledge is a life skill, emphasizing that learning mathematics is powerful.

A complete statement of my teaching
philosophy is available here:

Summary of Teaching Experience

Teaching Table.jpg

This table summarizes the Mathematics courses I taught as a Graduate Teaching Assistant or Instructor while in graduate school at Oregon State University.

Teaching Table Legend.jpg

Graduate Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assistant, I primarily organized and led recitation sessions. Recitations supplement lecture sections of high-enrollment courses and are similar to discussion or laboratory sessions. During recitation, students work collaboratively on activities relevant to recent course material. Along with leading recitation, I also attended weekly course coordination meetings, assisted the instructor of record with grading and planning, facilitated review sessions, and held tutoring and office hours.

Instructor of Record

As an instructor of record, I was responsible for all aspects of implementing a mathematics course. This included structuring and organizing course content and materials, creating daily worksheets for student group work, writing learning objectives and aligning them to learning outcomes and course goals, implementing weekly quizzes for formative assessment, and designing summative assessment in the form of midterm and final exams. In particular, I taught two terms of College Algebra for the INTO, a pathways program that helps international students transition to higher education in the United States.

student evaluations of teaching

The scores from my student evaluations while at Oregon State University, accompanied by information about the evaluations and a summary of my teaching experience, are available here: Teaching History and Student Evaluations of Teaching.

In this section I will write about my work in College Algebra.