This page is a summary of my service to the university during my time at Oregon State University. My primary source of service was leading and facilitating GTA Orientation for three years. Additionally, I was the student representative on Graduate Council, a Faculty Senate committee, during the 2018 academic year.

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Event Overview

New Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Orientation is a one-day event sponsored by the Graduate School that takes place every September as part of Oregon State University’s Grad Welcome Week. The event provides programming for 250-300 incoming GTAs about university policies, creating an inclusive classroom, and general first-term teaching guidance. New GTA Orientation is supplemented by International GTA Orientation, an additional orientation that offers information specific to the International GTA experience.


  • Served as the Lead Mentor GTA

  • Wrote event survey questions, assembled session agendas and abstracts, and organized and formatted presentation slides and handouts

  • Assisted Graduate School Staff with compiling and editing the website, facilitation guides, and student handouts; these materials are available so that other university units can lead the sessions independently if desired


I served as the sole Lead Mentor GTA during my third year of involvement with GTA Orientation in 2018. I collaborated closely with the Graduate School for all stages of planning, organizing, and facilitating the event. This included writing event survey questions, assembling agendas and abstracts for the sessions, organizing and formatting presentation slides and handouts, as well as assisting Graduate School staff with editing website materials and session videos, printing informational documents for GTA participants, and day-of event check-in and management. Additionally, I updated the materials for the summer training sessions and worked with the team of twelve Mentor GTAs to develop curriculum for the concurrent sessions. Similar to previous years, I co-facilitated two plenary sessions: Instructional Policies and Procedures and Equity Literacy in College Teaching.



In 2017, I was selected to be one of two Lead Mentor GTAs. In this role, I helped develop and facilitate four summer training sessions for the Mentor GTAs to prepare the team for the event. I was also responsible for compiling the event agendas, session abstracts, presentation slides, and informational handouts to ensure the event had a cohesive image and satisfied university brand requirements. For the event, I co-facilitated the group activities for two plenary sessions, Instructional Policies and Procedures and Diverse (OSU) Student Populations, as a member of the larger Mentor GTA team. I also collaborated with another Mentor GTA to create and lead a concurrent session titled Working Effectively with Student Groups and Teams. Further, due to a last-minute absence, I stepped in to lead the group activity and student discussion portions of International GTA Orientation.


I joined the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Orientation team within the Graduate School at Oregon State University in 2016. During this first year of my involvement, I designed and presented a session alongside another Mentor GTA titled Introduction to US Higher Education and Oregon State University Culture (Slides) as part of International GTA Orientation. I also co-taught two sessions for the All GTA orientation: Instructional Policies and Procedures and Preparing for Your First Class Sessions.

From January - June 2018 I served as the Graduate Student Representative for Graduate Council, a subcommittee of Faculty Senate at Oregon State University. A faculty member in Graduate School nominated me for this position, and I assisted in reviewing policy changes and graduate program proposals as a voting member.